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Digital Shikshapatri provides instant online access to a treasure of the British Hindu cultural heritage that is held in Oxford's Bodleian Library. This fragile Sanskrit manuscript, called the Shikshapatri, was written by Shree Swaminaryan, founder of Swaminarayan Hinduism, and outlines moral and spiritual codes for everyday life.

This site provides a wide variety of online resources which set the Shikshapatri in its historical, cultural and religious context. It is designed to help people of all backgrounds to better understand the significance of this manuscript, which receives hundreds of visitors every year.

OxTalent 2004: Best Non-Disciplinary Project


The Digital Shikshapatri is being moved to a new software and hardware platform to ensure its continued availability. Some parts of the site may not work properly while this work is being completed. Currently, the Search facility is not available and biographies are not displayed with the correct formatting.

The Shikshapatri manuscript has been damaged by constant handling for darshans during the past twenty years. Some of the pages have come loose and the stitching on the edge of the cover is coming off. We regret that it has had to be sent to the Bodleian Library's Preservation Department and will not be available for darshan for some time.

View the manuscript

View Shikshapatri in 'Study View'.
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View Shikshapatri in 'Darshan View'.
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More information on the different ways of viewing the Shikshapatri manuscript can be found on the 'Views' page.

New users - Introductory video

We have prepared an introductory video to the Shikshapatri for visitors who are new to the manuscript. It covers the history from Lord Swaminaryan in Nineteenth Century India, through to the present day and the creation of the Digital Shikshapatri.

The video requires the Macromedia Flash 6 plugin.


A reading of the Shikshapatri


Charan Das reading the Shiksahpatri A video of Yogi Charan Das reading the Shikshapatri is now online.
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  • Articles

    Sahajanand Swami 

presenting the Shikshapatri

    'Presentation of the Shikshapatri to Sir John Malcolm', An introductory article by Raymond Williams.

    Sahajanand Swami gave a copy of the Shikshapatri to Sir John Malcolm at the conclusion of their meeting at the residence of the Acting Political Agent in Rajkot on February 26, 1830.

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